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Aloha and Welcome to the Kihei Villages Community website.
Here you will find the answers to common questions regarding the House Rules, have the ability to view and print common forms and requests, see upcoming events or meetings, post a classified ad, and so much more.
Just click on the area you choose to view. If you wish to request a classified ad, go to the classified area and click on the submit an advertisment.To contact the association, please use the Contact us page to do so.
Many areas do not require a log-in, for instance the forms and  House Rules sections is open to owners and tenants alike. For other areas such as Owner Documents you will be prompted to register as an owner for access.
Mahalo Kihei Villages AOAO
~ News ~
Solar Policy and Application
Posted on May 31st, 2016
The approved Solar Policy and Application are available to owners wishing to install solar to their unit.  Go to the "General Office and Request Forms" area in the leftmost column.  Click on "Solar"  and both items are there to view and/or print.
Termite Tenting
Posted on May 27th, 2016
The termite tenting will begin July 11th for Buildings 35, 41, the Office and Phase I & II.   Owners in these buildings will be getting information in the mail.
Phase I - Buildings 1 through 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22.
Phase II - Buildings 23, 24, 50, 51, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 27, 28.
There is an Informational Session scheduled Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 4:30pm at the Kihei Villages Clubhouse. This Informational Session is open to everyone, including tenants, to make sure proper procedures and preparation are understood.
(Click on the link below to view the schedule).
Attention Owners
Posted on Apr 26th, 2016
Those of you who have not picked up your extra set of keys at the Office, please do so.  Due to liability issues it was decided that keys to units will no longer be stored in the Office.  They will be disposed of by June 30th if not retrieved. Thank you.

~ Notes from the Community Manager ~
WHAT YOU DO TODAY... Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
The Central Pacific Hurricane Season begins Wednesday June 1st and runs through Tuesday November 30 th. Earthquakes and tsunami can happen any time. Flash flooding can happen very quickly, even if it is not raining heavily where you are.
Do you have a Disaster Preparedness Plan? Be ready to react quickly-before, during and after the event.
The information detailed below will assist all residents in preparing for an event. The purpose of this posting is to create a basic framework of procedures. It will provide crucial information for our residents. We encourage owners and residents to prepare their own plan. You will need to be self-sufficent for up to 72 hours and as long as 5 days before outside help arrives. BE PREPARED TO BE ON YOUR OWN!
General Information:
There will be a section on the website under Disaster Preparedness that will provide State and County resource information as well as letting residents know the seriousness of the potential disasters.
          WATCH- threat of conditions within 36 hours
          WARNING- sustained winds of 74 MPH+ in area in 24 hours or less
          WATCH- tsunamis are possible
          WARNING- leave coastal areas immediately
          NO WARNING but prepare yourself for possible aftershocks
Disaster Information:
Prepare your disaster kit with the following:
  • First aid kit- any medications you require should be included in your kit.
  • Items placed in a water tight container- water, canned foods, can opener, battery operated radio and flashlights, extra batteries, light sticks(some last up to 6 hours),Clothing, blankets, towels, garbage bags,gloves, extra cash, and a good pair of shoes or boots. You may want to include important phone numbers.
  • Know how to turn off the electricity and water if necessary. If you have enough time, you may want to fill your tub with water. You may also store some of your items in a 5 gallon bucket which can also serve as a port-a-potty(with plastic trash bags).
MAKA"ALA- Maui County Emergency Alert System- Be vigilant, be alert...
To receive emergency information when you need it and how you want it:
Maui County residents are urged to sign up for Maka'ala- the County's new emergency alert system. Maka'ala will enable residents to be alerted sooner, giving you more time to react and could possibly save lives. Go to the Maui County website at, click on "Emergency Services" located on the left side of the website and click on the "Maka'ala - Maui County Emergency Alert System" link.
If you do not have a computer or other electronic device to sign up, please call Maui Civil Defense Agency at 270-7285 and ask to sign up by phone.
I will be providing more information, such as checklists, phone numbers and websites of other State and County agencies on our website as soon as possible.

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