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Aloha and Welcome to the Kihei Villages Community website.
Here you will find the answers to common questions regarding the House Rules, have the ability to view and print common forms and requests, see upcoming events or meetings, post a classified ad, and so much more.
No log on or special account is needed, just click on the area you choose to view. If you wish to request a classified ad, go to the classified area and click on the Submit an Ad.To contact the association, please use the Contact US page to do so.
Mahalo Kihei Villages AOAO
~ News ~
Picture Perrrrfect
Posted on Aug 21st, 2014
We'd like to encourage all of our KV Residents who have pets to come to the business office and register their pets. The information along with the pet's picture help office staff to locate the owners. Feel free to come by the KV front office to pick up registration papers & have your pet's picture taken any time Mon-Fri from 800am-500pm.
Tropical Storms: Iselle & Julio
Posted on Aug 7th, 2014
  Hurricane TIPS
Fuel and service family vehicles.
Prepare to cover all windows openings with boards, shutters or other shielding materials.
Check food and water supplies. Have clean, air-tight containers on hand to store at least two weeks of drinking water (14 gallons per person), and stock up on canned provisions. Keep a small cooler with frozen gel packs handy for packing refrigerated items.
Check prescription medicines - obtain at least 10 days to 2 weeks supply.
Stock up on extra batteries for radios, flashlights, and lanterns.
Store and secure outdoor lawn furniture and other loose, lightweight objects, such as garbage cans and garden tools. Secure or tie down outdoor objects that might be picked up and blown by high winds.
Check and replenish first-aid supplies.
Have on hand an extra supply of cash.
Wedge any sliding doors with a brace or broom handle to prevent them from being torn loose by wind vibrations. Secure your residence by locking and dead-bolting doors and windows.
Complete preparation activities, such as boarding up windows and storing loose objects.
Evacuate areas that might be affected by storm surge or flooding. If evacuating, leave early.
Notify neighbors and a family member outside of the warned area of your evacuation plans.
BE SAFE!            
Follow instructions issued by Civil Defense. Leave immediately if ordered to do so. 
Island Air will be ceasing operations today after flight #411 which departs at 1:02 pm
They will have NO flights operating tomorrow, Friday, August 8th
Saturday, August 9th they plan on a normal flight schedule
Sunday, August 10th it is still yet to be determined.
Posted on Feb 19th, 2014
Instructions for paying your fee's online using a credit card have now been posted in the Owners Area.  Click on Owners Documents and under the Aloha Property Management headline you will find two (2) links with informtaion for making Credit Card Payments online.  The form for setting up automatic payments is also under the Aloha Property Managment headline.
Board Member Minutes
Posted on Feb 13th, 2014
November and December meeting minutes have been posed in the owner section.  I appoligize for the delay.
New Management Company
Posted on Dec 16th, 2013
As of January 1, 2014, the Kihei Villages Association Board of Directors has appointed Aloha Property Management as the new management company.

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